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Our story

The Evokart stems from the desire to bring a wave of innovation in this specific field. The foundation of the company, in 2015, was made possible thanks to the desire to create a brand that could compete at the highest competitive levels, both nationally and internationally.

It is a dynamic company that adapts to the needs of its customers, ensuring high quality materials, so it has a network of dealers throughout the world.

The seat is located in Reggio Emilia, Massenzatico locations, thereby ensuring to have a control over the production of the whole range of products, allowing it to be completely made in Italy.

The products are the result of research and development, and allow you to take part in the most prestigious competitions worldwide. The care and fine detail, make the material offered the most competitive and advanced in the industry, and has enabled the achievement of important results.
The material we have is the most varied, from clothing go-karts, all embodying our brand, with a particular
attention to distinctive circles blacks, built according to specific provisions to achieve maximum performance.

Our professionalism is entrusted to our employees, who possess considerable technical experience and work in national and international level.
In particular, the racing department is entrusted to the expert hands of the team manager, Antonio Penna, which covers both the sale, that the care of the go-kart details, by their design, construction and assembly.
Our company also makes use of highly prepared that covers all major permanent staff: the head of the telemetry, mechanics, managers of national and international sales offices, and this is one of the major companies, although it is very young.

The racing team also has many amenities, including a balance with an attached tent, in order to offer the drivers the best conditions for each competition.

  • Research and development 90%
  • Races 100%
  • Professional products sale 80%
  • Customer support 90%

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